Ludovico Sartor was born in Vicenza on 1973. He lived for ten years in Treviso and studied architecture in Venice and Dortmund.
In 2004 he set his personal design firm in Vicenza. He takes his interests on sustainable architecture, in particular on bio-construction. Recently he took the certify of bio building trader at the ANAB and IBN, Institut für Baubiologie und Oekologie (Germania).
While still a student at art high school in Treviso, he begun a personal painter practise, that he still carries on integrating it to architecture in the forms of design, interior design and installations, with only pieces production. From 1997 he had exposed on several collective art exhibition in Vicenza (Emergencies, Stock market, "About Design 2008"), Roma (RomaDesign+ 2007) and Filicudi (Biennale), and in some solo paiting exhibition in Vicenza, Padova and Treviso.
Water is one of his greatest passions.
He had a sporty career like member of the Italian national team of fluvial canoe.





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